The Chartered Membership Programme (CMP) is a direct route to MCIOB for individuals with significant experience. It enhances practical skills with a knowledge based programme. The CMP was previously known as the Experienced Practitioner Assessed programme (EPA).

Typically, those enrolling on the programme will have worked in a management role for five years. However, the programme is also suitable for a wide range of technical and specialist professionals working in the construction industry. The programme also forms a progression route to MCIOB for candidates who have completed the CIOB Site Management Programmes.

The modules are delivered through the Singa College classroom-based lectures, with one open book online examination being marked by the CIOB examiners at the end of the programme.


The Chartered Institute of Building is the world's largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership. Founded in 1834 in UK, the association currently has over 48,000 members internationally.

Chartered members may use the designation MCIOB (Member) FCIOB (Fellow) and can be assigned as Chartered Builders or Chartered Construction Managers once they have demonstrated the required professional competence

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The CIOB Chartered Membership Programme (CMP) offers a direct membership route to CIOB through 4 Short Courses designed to be delivered in the form of classroom lectures. The courses will prepare candidates in sitting for the CMP assessment conducted in the form of an open-book exam conducted online, allowing candidates to complete their answers over a 10-day period.

1. Construction Technology

Course Synopsis: This course teaches the fundamentals of ground engineering techniques and substructure technology, design and installation of building services, superstructure for commercial and multi-storey buildings, principles relating to work on existing structures and fabric, the design process.


  1. Ground Engineering Techniques and Substructure Technology

  2. Design and Installation of Building Services

  3. Superstructure for Commercial and Multi-Storey Buildings

  4. Principles Relating to Work on Existing Structures and Fabric

  5. Design Process in Relation to the Built Environment

2. Management

Course Synopsis: This course teaches the fundamentals of process management in the construction industry, management of resources, planning and scheduling of construction projects, performance management within the construction industry.


  1. Process Management

  2. Management of Resources

  3. Planning and Scheduling

  4. Performance Management

3. Contract & Commercial Practice

Course Synopsis: This course teaches the fundamentals of the law in relation to the construction industry, factors which affect the costs of a construction project, pre-and post-contract administrative processes, how work is procured, commercial risks and overall risk management strategies, dispute resolution and avoidance.


  1. Construction Law

  2. Construction Cost Management

  3. Pre and Post Contract Administration

  4. Commercial Risks Management

  5. Construction Procurement

  6. Construction Dispute Resolution

4. Health, Safety & Environment


Minimum Entry Requirements

  • If you have five years’ of relevant working experience, you may be eligible to undertake this CMP programme. Make an enquiry with us today on your eligibility.

Applications Requirement

  • All applications are subject to the approval of CIOB

Assessment is made via an Open Book Exam which is carried out at the end of the programme. The exam will be open to candidates in June or November each year.


You will be provided with a construction project scenario and drawings and will answer 4 questions relating to the 4 modules. You will be given 10 days to submit your answer to the questions through the virtual learning environment, Moodle. This allows you to use the resources of your choice to complete your exam.



  1. Legal Framework of Health and Safety

  2. Health and Safety Environmental Risks

  3. Substantial Development and Legislation to the Built Environment

  4. Environmental Problems and Solutions

  5. Environmental Concepts, Strategies and Policies Formation

Course Synopsis: This course teaches the fundamentals of the legal framework underpinning health and safety, actual or anticipated health, safety and environmental risks, sustainable development, environmental concepts and how they apply to organisational strategy and policy formation.


  • Site Manager

  • Contract Manager

  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Commercial Manager

  • Construction Manager

  • Project Manager


Course Type: Short Course

1. Construction Technology 

2. Management 

3. Contract & Commercial Practice 

4. Health, Safety & Environment 

2 - 3 days per week* (3 hours per day)
Weekdays: 7.00pm to 10.00pm

Weekends: 7.00pm to 10.00pm

*class frequency based on course requirements


Course Fees* :        

Per Short Course:       S$ 1,700

Total 4 Courses:         S$ 6,800

Bundle Promo*:          S$ 5,800

*Course fees are collected at the start of each short course unless purchased in a bundle.

*Bundle signup price is applicable for candidates registering for all 4 courses at a single signup.

Registration Fee:     S$50 (Per Course)
Admin Fees:             S$30 (Per Course)

* All prices are subject to 7% GST

* Course fees exclude CIOB CMP registration fees £52, online examination fees £362, professional review fees £310 and membership subscription fees.

* More information on CIOB fees can be found at .

* Singa College will assist students with their CIOB registrations on registration.


June 2019 Exams

Release Date:   04 June 2020, 1200 UK time

Close Date:       16 June 2020, 1200 UK time

November 2019 Exams

Release Date:   12 November 2020, 1200 UK time

Close Date:       24 November 2020, 1200 UK time


Successful completion of the assessment gives a Certificate of Attainment for your CPD record, and provides the academic recognition needed to undertake your Professional Review (PR) and apply for MCIOB.


Student to Teacher Ratio is 16 : 1

Upon completing the Chartered Membership programme, you can progress to your Professional Review application. This is an assessment of your occupational and management competence and the final stage of gaining your Chartered membership. At that time, your tutors will provide a live session on the professional review process, how to prepare and common pitfalls to avoid in your application.


Application Process

1. Register with Singa College for CIOB Chartered Membership Programme.

2. Accepted applicants complete a CMP Provider Approval form to CIOB - £52

3. Applicants apply online for CIOB student membership - £37



CMP Lectures

Applicants attend classes at Singa College for the 4 short courses. Each short course should last around 5 weeks with classes conducted twice weekly. Information on the courses can be found here.

Short Courses

  1. Construction Technology

  2. Management

  3. Contracts and Commercial Practice

  4. Health, Safety and the Environment

Guidance and support to complete your Professional Review are also offered as part of the programme.

Access to an online learning system called Moodle is provided by CIOB. Applicants will have access to their CMP and CIOB resources so they can work on their programme at any time or place.


Applicants are required to register with CIOB for the CMP exams at least 8 weeks prior to the exam date - £362

The exam will be an open book exam which applicants can work on at home using all available resources. Applicants will be provided with "1 construction project scenario and drawings with 4 questions relating to the 4 courses" one week prior to the exam date. Applicants will have a 10-day time frame to submit their answers using Moodle.


The Professional Review

Towards the end of the course you will be provided with the support to complete your PR application. - £310 + VAT

Your application will also include a CV, job description, 3 years of CPD details, 1 year forward CPD plan, and an organisation chart.  The application can be made through Singa College with the final assessment being made by CIOB.

Information on the Professional Review can be found here.

Chartered Membership

Congratulations. On successful completion of our CMP and the PR, you will be offered the MCIOB title as a recognition of your achievement and professionalism.

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