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Singa College is now offering bundle promotion rates of up to 30% per course for students signing up multiple short courses in a bundle.


Terms and conditions apply.

Singa Short Course Bundle Promo 2019

Students signing up for short courses will now enjoy a short course bundle promo on selected short courses signed up together in a bundle. The bundle promotion will allow students to enjoy discount rates for each additional course signed up for.

About the Short Course Bundle

The short course bundle promotional rates are as follows:

Eligibility Criteria

Students must meet the criteria to qualify for the bundle promotion:

  • The bundle promotion will apply to all short courses offered by Singa College only.

  • The bundle promotion will be applicable for Construction Project Management short courses only.

  • The courses signed under the bundle promotion must be signed up at the same time.

Application Process

Interested and eligible candidates should complete the application form here and email it to


*Registration and Material Fees will be applicable as though having signed up for the relevant number of courses.

The College Board reserves the discretionary right to award, revoke or suspend the bundle promotion.

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